Bernd Martin Dot Net

I am on a journey of continous learning,
make things happen and have fun.


“Could you force the stars, that they rotate around you?”
Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Be attentive and curious
  • Aim High
  • Let yourself be inspired
  • Be honest
  • Be convinced
  • Make mistakes, but do not hold it on
  • Be open and recognize beauty
  • Drop the Fear
  • Hold on to your dreams
  • make gifts
  • Jump unusual ways
  • Do it now
  • have faith
  • Entertain the child in you
  • Work & Live



... make things happen my freelancer activities technology inspiration - brainstorm about technology, methods and life
Business Object Viewer on Progress OpenEdge based SAP BO BI SDK Viewer that used the RESTful service from Webi a project that contect the world with you
memory the social media game
QR Code a simple QR Code generator
gallery a script that transform an image collection into sliders
Cement Gold The only Real Estate Cement Gold FINDER in the market. An app for the Apple App Store based on AngularJS, CSS, HTML5


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